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Where Do Women Fit in Country Music? 

I've been asking myself that a lot these days. In Canada, the problem is not too big of an issue, but in the USA, country radio seems to have all but banned women from their stations. It's so heartbreaking and absolutely ridiculous. 

From an artist's perspective, it's devastating to work so hard on your album to then have to fight to possibly get any airtime on any major radio station. If you can't get your music out there, nobody is going to buy it. No one will care enough to pay for a ticket to come to…

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It always amazes how much talent is out there. I am a part of quite a few groups where the members astound me with the amount of raw talent they have! Seriously, it is kind of crazy to fathom it. Each one of those people has a dream, some chase it harder than others. Some eat and breathe music, some don't. There is often no rhyme or reason to why one person seems to gain momentum in their careers, when others, equally deserving just seem to be spinning their wheels. 

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Christmas Blessings... 

I love to entertain! Usually, my husband and I will have 2 parties at our house a year, one in the summer and our annual Christmas party. Filling up our home with family, friends, food, music and laughter is what living is all about!
Christmas for me is also about reflecting on the past year, and let me tell ya, our past year was a doozy! So full of travel, music and family, it has reminded me how truly blessed I am!
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What Excites You?? 

I want to know what excites you. What makes you feel alive? Musically speaking, is it the groove or the melody or the lyrics? Or is it simply a combination of all those things rolled up into one? 

I would bet you could tell me what doesn't excite you. What you damn well don't want to hear any more of. Personally, I hate too much repetition. Hearing that same song over and over on a radio stations' play list. That drives me crazy and the first thing I do is change the station to something completely…Read more

Women Supporting Women 

It seems to me that more women need to support women. In an industry where we are pitted against one another in various ways, what would happen if we just stopped the competition? What would happen if we just cheered each other on from the sidelines? Held each other up instead of putting each other down? 
I think there is enough room for everyone here, don't you? Let's start this month with a commitment to change this mindset and start buying, playing and requesting more music from the women we love. The…Read more

The Unique Journey 

The music business is like none other. Where there may be people who have found success by using one method,  it is not going to work for anyone else, generally speaking. Outside of the common denominator of creating relationships with others in the industry, we all have to carve our own path. Someone told me this at the beginning of my career and the longer I do this, the more I see the truth in it. 

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The Hats I Wear 

Wow, as a musician in todays ever-changing world, we have to wear a lot of hats. We have our entertainer hat; our recording artist hat; our recording engineer hat; our producer hat; our manager hat; our internet marketing hat; our radio promotion hat; our booking agent hat; our songwriter hat; our publisher hat; and our financial person hat: And that is just to allow us to do what we do as a professional.
As you can imagine, this is a bit too much for many of us and I think that in order to do our jobs well…Read more

Back to Reality or Whatever that Means... 

I am sitting here in my lovely home in Revelstoke, BC, Canada and it's a rainy morning. That is the norm for this time of year here, getting ready for the snow to start falling and falling and falling until we have around 14 feet of it. The skiers and snowmobile people love it. Me, not so much. 
It is a bit of a shock coming back here from the south, where the weather is warmer and music is the biggest industry. Here, the biggest industry is CP Rail, logging and I suppose, tourism. We do however, have a…Read more