Christmas Blessings...

I love to entertain! Usually, my husband and I will have 2 parties at our house a year, one in the summer and our annual Christmas party. Filling up our home with family, friends, food, music and laughter is what living is all about!
Christmas for me is also about reflecting on the past year, and let me tell ya, our past year was a doozy! So full of travel, music and family, it has reminded me how truly blessed I am!
So during this snowy holiday season, while we are sitting cuddled up by our fake fireplace, (haha) looking at our beautiful Christmas tree, perhaps enjoying a nice glass of wine, I will be thinking about all these things. I will be thinking about you - praying that you are blessed in the coming year as well! I know I have so much to be grateful for and want you to know that I truly appreciate all the support and love I have known, both personally and professionally that you have given. 
So, if I don't see you in person, please raise a glass with me this Christmas, where ever you are, and let's toast to a fabulous 2015!
I just know it is going to bring some exciting things!