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Where Do Women Fit in Country Music? 

I've been asking myself that a lot these days. In Canada, the problem is not too big of an issue, but in the USA, country radio seems to have all but banned women from their stations. It's so heartbreaking and absolutely ridiculous. 

From an artist's perspective, it's devastating to work so hard on your album to then have to fight to possibly get any airtime on any major radio station. If you can't get your music out there, nobody is going to buy it. No one will care enough to pay for a ticket to come to…

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It always amazes how much talent is out there. I am a part of quite a few groups where the members astound me with the amount of raw talent they have! Seriously, it is kind of crazy to fathom it. Each one of those people has a dream, some chase it harder than others. Some eat and breathe music, some don't. There is often no rhyme or reason to why one person seems to gain momentum in their careers, when others, equally deserving just seem to be spinning their wheels. 

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