What Excites You??

I want to know what excites you. What makes you feel alive? Musically speaking, is it the groove or the melody or the lyrics? Or is it simply a combination of all those things rolled up into one? 

I would bet you could tell me what doesn't excite you. What you damn well don't want to hear any more of. Personally, I hate too much repetition. Hearing that same song over and over on a radio stations' play list. That drives me crazy and the first thing I do is change the station to something completely different. I think as a whole, society grows bored very quickly these days, don't you?

But I have to tell you that the things in music that excite me are originality, singability and authenticity. I want to hear the truth in the artist's voice and their commitment to the song they are sharing with us. I want to feel their passion and have it infect me with a moment that makes me feel connected and alive. 

So tell me what excites you in today's music. What gets your toes tapping and your blood pumping? I really want to know.