The Unique Journey

The music business is like none other. Where there may be people who have found success by using one method,  it is not going to work for anyone else, generally speaking. Outside of the common denominator of creating relationships with others in the industry, we all have to carve our own path. Someone told me this at the beginning of my career and the longer I do this, the more I see the truth in it. 

Outside of creating music and performing, I have been very busy these past 20 some years creating relationships in the music business. Traveling to where the people I need to get to know live and being where chance meetings may occur has served me well. Setting goals and putting myself out there in my most positive manner and not letting my insecurities and fears get in my way has created many opportunities for me. As well, finding great people to help me achieve my goals and others to support my journey has made it easier to live the life of a creative. Giving back is important to me, so from time to time I mentor and help others with my knowledge and experience but at other times I simply let them find their own way because I know that is what they need to do.

And let me tell you why...

As a creative person, you need to OWN it; the experience must be uniquely yours. You own your successes and your failures. You own the heartbreaks and the moments of elation. You are the 'creator' and as a creator, you must accept that this is the only way for folks like us. It is your unique journey.

So if you are reading this and are at the beginning of your music experience, ahem, I mean career, please understand that this is the truth. It is hard to hear and even harder to accept when you are at the bottom of a huge mountain looking up, but it is for your own good.  Please don't hate on those who have been climbing a bit longer than you, or those who went a different way and found success much quicker than you are finding it. Do not allow yourself to become bitter, but be happy for others you meet along the way, for they are also in the middle of their unique journey.