The Hats I Wear

Wow, as a musician in todays ever-changing world, we have to wear a lot of hats. We have our entertainer hat; our recording artist hat; our recording engineer hat; our producer hat; our manager hat; our internet marketing hat; our radio promotion hat; our booking agent hat; our songwriter hat; our publisher hat; and our financial person hat: And that is just to allow us to do what we do as a professional.
As you can imagine, this is a bit too much for many of us and I think that in order to do our jobs well, which is to provide and play our music for you, the listener, we have to learn to delegate some of these things. But this costs money, and lots of it. So at what level are we actually able to afford to pay people to do all these things for us? And how much trust can someone, who has been doing it themselves for so long, give to another? It can be a difficult and scary thing in these shark infested waters we call the music business. 
This past year I have been really immersing myself in the internet marketing part of this business, as it was the one hat that I was probably the weakest. I am now much more savvy in the ways of the internet tools we have at our disposal, but you know what I learned the most? I can NOT do it all myself. I want to lie to myself and say oh ya, I can, but the reality is that it is just too much for me. I need help. 
So here I am with a new album to launch and looking for people to be a part of my team. I do have some folks already onboard, but there is much yet to do. It can be overwhelming to say the least. Which is sad to me as I look to my music for comfort and a release that I can share with others and don't like having to put it on the back burner while I continually change these dang hats. 
And speaking of the hats I wear...there is also the wife hat, the daughter hat, the mother hat, the nanna hat, the teacher, coach and mentor hat that I also need to keep in balance with my music business hats. While my husband is very supportive of my music, he tells me I should just get a "real" job, one that I can go to and leave at the end of every day so that I am not driven crazy by all these hats. Hahahahah, very tempting...but it is who I am. Simple as that. So I will continue and endeavor to live the life I was meant to lead and try and remember that I love music and want to share this passion with you all. I will try to not get bogged down with the weight of all these hats! I may even throw a few off and see where they land. Cross your fingers for me because this is sure to be a crazy adventure!