Back to Reality or Whatever that Means...

I am sitting here in my lovely home in Revelstoke, BC, Canada and it's a rainy morning. That is the norm for this time of year here, getting ready for the snow to start falling and falling and falling until we have around 14 feet of it. The skiers and snowmobile people love it. Me, not so much. 
It is a bit of a shock coming back here from the south, where the weather is warmer and music is the biggest industry. Here, the biggest industry is CP Rail, logging and I suppose, tourism. We do however, have a wonderful arts scene with visual art exhibits, concerts, live music and a monthly coffee house. I am so thankful for those things. And I am thankful for the people here! They are some of the nicest, caring and interesting people I have ever met and it makes life here pretty sweet. (even with all this snow!)
Anyway, I have to get back to reality and today I start teaching again for the next 10 weeks. This is something I love to do and look forward to sharing what I know and watching my students become better in so many ways!
Of course, during the next few months, I also have to wear my promotions and artist hat and release my new CD "My September". I am very excited to share this with everyone!  I know this is my very best CD yet and can't wait to give it the wings to fly.
More to come on that in the next few days...

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